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Boys Soccer Info

Welcome to another season of BHS soccer.  Please refer to the following schedule of events for the preseason and regular season and be sure that the coach has your contact information in case any changes to the schedule occur.  This information will also be posted on the team page located on the BHS website. Preseason events take place from June through July and although it is NOT mandatory it is beneficial for players to participate as much as possible.  Mandatory events begin on August 1 and team selections will be made soon after. Players and parents need to be aware that there will be a selection process at the beginning of August and it is possible and probable that not every player trying out for the team will be selected for a rostered spot on the team.  


Here are some suggestions to help each player prepare for the upcoming season:



All players are expected to report fit and ready to play at the start of the season.  

Fitness Goals:  

  • 3 Mile Run - Completed in under 26 minutes
  • 1 Mile Run - Completed in under 6 minutes
  • 400 Meter Run - Completed in under 65 seconds (4 times with 4 minute rest periods)
  • 20 Push-ups with proper form (4 sets with 1 minute rest period)


Skill Development

All players are expected to demonstrate basic skill sets such as juggling, passing, trapping, and dribbling.  

Skill Goals:

  • Juggle with both feet (minimum 20 controlled touches)
  • Dribble (using inside and outside of each foot - around cones and against defenders)
  • Trap, pass and shoot with control and precision while moving or stationary (both feet)



Begin the season confident that you have prepared yourself for success.  Our program is dependent upon each and every player working hard and dedicating himself to do what it takes to make a better team.  Be open to learning new things and playing new positions on the field and realize that you are working for the honor of being selected to one of a very limited number of spots on the team that represents your school.    


Uniforms, bags, balls and practice equipment will be provided by the athletic department.  Players must acquire their own shoes, shin guards, practice shorts and practice socks.  Players will wear black shorts and black socks during all practices and preseason scrimmages.  In addition, team shirts will be provided by the coach and assigned for practices and game days.


Requirements for Participation

Located below are excerpts from the Athletic Handbook.  Please see the Athletics Homepage on the BHS website for the complete document.



We are asking that all parents of athletes use “Final Forms” at  for the electronic completion and submission of all athletic physical release forms.  All physicals must be completed and submitted to the Athletic Department prior to the first day of participation in July.  Without a completed physical form no athlete may compete in pre-season tournaments, practices or camps.


Academic Eligibility

Academic eligibility is based upon the student’s 4th quarter grades.  A GPA of 2.0 or higher is required for academic eligibility and students must take and pass a minimum of 5 classes.


Code of Conduct

Please review the athletic code of conduct in full at the Athletic Department Homepage.  


Participation in high school athletics provides a unique opportunity for students to further develop positive traits such as:  confidence, discipline, accountability, cooperation and respect for others. Participation in a team sport such as soccer encourages students to put the good of the program and the team above individual acclaim while in pursuit of success through competition and fair play.  While wins and losses can be a measurement of success it cannot be at the expense of these positive attributes. Players, parents and coaches involved in our program should always be expected to represent their team, school, and community with dignity.

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