Fall 2020 Meals Information

Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools is excited to announce that free meals for students age 1-18 are back!  USDA has announced that they will make meals free to all children in our district through December 31, 2020.  Effective September 9th, 2020 students can take advantage of these meals in the cafeteria for those attending in-person, as well as by ordering meals if your student is doing virtual meals, home schooling, or not quite school age. This option is available to ALL children that reside in Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Community.  We will continue to serve National School Lunch meals when we return from Winter Break.   In the meantime, you will still want to fill out free and reduced forms if you haven’t yet this school year if you feel you might qualify.  If you qualify, school fees may also be waived.  You can visit www.payschoolscentral.com for school lunch applications.

Every meal featured on our menus will follow the same portions regardless of age and will be free of charge.  Lunches will have an entrée, fruit, vegetable, and milk.  Breakfast will include an entrée, fruit, and milk.  We encourage all students to take advantage of this program, as it not only helps our students, but also our lunch program.

Please see below for the two-options of meal service.

100% In-person Learning
If your child is attending in-person, every meal on the menu will be free regardless of meal status. Visit our menus for each building at 
https://bellbrooksugarcreeksd.sodexomyway.com. These meals will not be charged to your child’s account in Payschools.  If you child decides to purchase extra items, snacks, and beverages, only those purchases will reflect on Payschools.  Any purchases outside the free meal MUST have funds on your child account.  Please send cash, check, or make online payments at www.payschoolscentral.com.

Free Breakfast is available in the cafeteria for both Middle School and High School.  We currently do not have breakfast offered for students in elementary school while in-person. Limit only one free meal (Breakfast and/or lunch) per day.  Any extra meals will be charged to your child’s account.

Online Academy, Homeschooling, and students ages 1-18
If your child is attending Bellbrook Virtual Academy, Homeschooling, or is not enrolled in Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools but is age 1-18, you will need to sign up for our meals using the attached form at 
https://forms.gle/HFTrSBvYBTyGJwGA7.    Meals will be available for pick up on Mondays and Thursdays at 2:00pm-2:45pm at Door E facing the soccer fields at the High School.  You will receive 3 days of meals for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on Monday distribution day.  On Thursday, you will receive 2 days of meals for Friday and Monday.  Meal and distribution times are subject to change pending school closures.  We will communicate alternate days as needed on social media and official school email.

We will issue a “Meal Pick Up Card” for you the first time you pick up meals.  You will fill in the card with your children’s information and agree that you will bring this card each time you pick up meals. If some of your children attend school in-person, they will receive their meals at school, and you should NOT pick up their meals at this site.  The online form is for any child that is not present in school during lunch. These meals will be free and not be charged in Payschools.  We will only have one choice of lunch available per day for pick up but will follow a calendar menu so choices will be different daily. Follow Bellbrook High School “Adventure option” each day for our selections at 
https://bellbrooksugarcreeksd.sodexomyway.com/landing/high.  Free breakfast is also included for all students signed up for meals for all ages under the pick-up option. Options for breakfast will include a rotation of pre-packaged items.

Meals should be ordered using our online order form.  If you wish to sign up for weekly meals for every Monday and Thursday, please indicate “standing meals” on the online order form.  Quantities are limited, so we are asking that each family uses our pre-order form.  Once you select Standing meals, we will plan to have your meals available each Monday and Thursday.  You can cancel your meals by calling 937-848-5001 ext. 6105 or emailing 
[email protected] by 10am each Wednesday and Friday.  Please park or pull off to the side of the parking lot as to not block any parked cars.  You will walk to Door E where you will find our food service personnel.  If you have multiple students to pick up for, we recommend you bring a box or larger bag.  Please wear mask and abide by social distancing of 6 feet from the next family.  You do not have to have your children with you at time of pick up.  If you have planned for someone else to pick up your meals for your family, please ensure that you give your card to that individual, so they have the required information to pick up your meals.  Please also indicate your name on the card as well as the person designated to pick up your meals.  We will provide updates if we decide to change our pickup times and location via District emails and social media.  Follow us on Facebook! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Jennifer Hoehn.

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