New Immunization Requirements for Seniors

Please take a moment and read the attached letter regarding the new immunization requirements for students who will be entering the twelfth grade.  If your child has not received a dose or two of the Meningococcal vaccine (MCV4) vaccine, please schedule an appointment with your primary health care provider or the health department PRIOR to the first day of school in August.  If your student received a dose of this vaccine on or after their 16th birthday, a second dose is not required.   If you have any questions, feel free to contact the school nurse at 848-3737, 12930 or through her email at [email protected].  

In addition, if you would like additional information on the Meningococcal vaccine that is required for many colleges, please take a moment and read the information from the CDC in the links below. 

Meningococcal vaccine information:
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