• Food Committee~~"Bird Feeder" 

    The Food Committee provides meals to members and staff during away competitions and other events via our Bird Feeder.

    The Bird Feeder is a 24-foot long trailer that is like a kitchen on wheels.  It has a microwave, full size refrigerator, 10 cubic foot chest freezer, warmer, full size grill, etc.
    For the 2015 Marching season, we are planning to provide meals for the students and support team at the following events (subject to change):
    Band Camp (Pizza meal)
    Band Family Picnic
    Indianapolis Super Regional BOA
    Indianapolis Grand National BOA 

    Helping with the Food Committee could be as simple as baking cookies, helping prepare/cook/clean up one meal, or spending Grand Nationals with us.  We will take whatever help you are willing to give.  The Food Committee is the kind of activity where you can spend time with the kids or just work in the trailer, depending on your preference. 

    What better support can you provide then putting a smile on the Band members faces by putting food in their belly?

    If you’d like to help the Food Committee, please contact:
    Todd and Jen Charlesworth

     Bird Feeder