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    Flower Sales 
    This consists for Spring flowers (usually order in late March-early April) and Winter Poinsettias (order in November).  

    2016 Spring Flower Sale

    Hello Bellbrook Music Family again but now with new attachement!

    Take your orders NOW through APRIL 6, 2016 (use updated form, see attached)

    Pickup Date: Sat, April 30th, Time TBA

    The annual flower sale is one of our most important fundraisers and one of the few ways to earn credits for your student accounts!! The flowers and gifts cards are for Berns Garden Centers located in Beavercreek and Middletown.

    Important Information: 

    1.  Get going this weekend and get orders by contacting your friends and family!

    2.  Payment is collected at time of order in form of cash, or check made out to Bellbrook Music Boosters. 

    3.  Be sure all information is correct on your order form. Total the amount of your order and place all money and checks into one envelope with your order form and please have your name on both the order form and the money envelope. 

    4.  Please place in the band room drop box. Middle school students may give to one of the directors to place in the box at the high school. 

    5.  You are responsible for picking up your orders on April 30th. 

     Student credits:

    1.  Selling gift cards will earn you the most credits! Gift cards are $25 and you will earn 12% of the profit for each card sold! 

    2.  Students earn 8% of the profits for the first $500 of flowers sold, and 20% of the profits over $500. 

    3.  Gift cards can be used at the Berns Garden Centers in Beavercreek or Middletown. They never expire! They're good on anything in centers-mulch, landscaping, gift items, plants, trees, shrubs, and the list goes on!

    Questions?  Contact Kelly Newlon at kellyanewlon@gmail.com


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