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    Once upon a time, in a field not far from you, there was a hare who, boasting how he could run faster than anyone else, was forever teasing others for their slowness. Then one day, tired of hearing him gloat, Slow and Steady, the tortoise, stretched out his neck and challenged Hare to a race. The hare, delighted at the prospect of such an effortless win, squealed with laughter and eagerly agreed.

    The 2017 Bellbrook Marching Eagles are proud to present the classic Aesop fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare”.  The tale will be re-imagined for the marching field with the color guard being the hares, a woodland scene, music that is fun and highly enjoyable for the audience, and even a huge turtle prop that will be on the field racing the hares!  We hope that you will enjoy the Marching Eagles this year as they present, “Slow and Steady”.

    Sept 2 - MSBA Northmont

    Sept 16 - MSBA Bellbrook

    Sept 23 - BOA Toledo

    Oct 7 - BOA Dayton

    Oct 14 - MSBA Miamisburg

    Oct 28 - MSBA Centerville

    Nov 4 - MSBA Championships (Kings)

    Nov 10-12 BOA Grand Nationals 

    Full Show Sheet Music - Here
    Full Show Audio - Here
    Marching Band Competition Circuits

    Bellbrook Marching Band competes in two different circuits:  MSBA and BOA.  

    The Mid-States Band Association (MSBA) is a regional group of high schools from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  The Marching Band usually attends 2-3 MSBA competitions each year, with Bellbrook hosting each September at the Bellbrook High School Stadium.  At these events, which are hosted at local high schools, each band will perform once.  The Marching Band also may compete in the MSBA Championship in November each year (click here for this year's site, Mason), which will have a preliminary competition in the morning/afternoon with a finals competition session in the evening.  

    MSBA (Mideast States Band Association) BAND CLASSIFICATION

    "7.1 The classifications are determined by the number of winds, percussion and electronics performers.  Any auxiliary person that plays a wind, percussion or electronics instrument at any time during the show shall be counted as a playing member for the purpose of determining a band's class.
    7.2 Bands are classified according to rule 7.1 and are categorized as follows:

              Class A           1-35 playing members
              Class AA         36-50 playing members
              Class AAA       51-70 playing members
              Class AAAA     71-100 playing members
    The Bellbrook Marching Eagles are MSBA Class AAAA!!!
              Open             101+ playing members

    7.3 The competing band must declare their class for championships by the last Monday in September."

    The Bands of America (BOA) is a national program of Music for All.  BOA organizes the fall championships across the country, including Regional, Super Regional, and Grand National Championships. BOA Regional Championships draw approximately 30 bands and are one day events with a preliminary competition in the morning and afternoon and a finals competition in the evening.  They are held at large high school or college stadiums.  BOA Super Regional Championships are usually two day events held at world class venues (ex. Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy) and draw 60+ bands.  Preliminary performances are spread over two days with finals held the evening of day two.  The Marching Band attends a BOA Regional and/or Super Regional competition each year.

    BOA (Bands of America) - How are the bands "classified?"
    "Per our commitment to re-evaluate the classification numbers of 2A-4A, classification numbers have been updated for 2015.  Bands are classified by school enrollment, grades 10-12 only.  Under our four-class system:

    • Class A is up to 600 students  
    • Class AA is 601-1200
      The Bellbrook Marching Eagles are BOA Class AA!!!
    • Class AAA is 1201-1700
    • Class AAAA is 1701 and above"

    The culmination of each performance season is the BOA Grand National Championships held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis in November.  This event draws 90+ bands from across the United States and is widely recognized as the premier marching band competition in the nation.  The three day event begins with preliminary competitions held on Thursday and Friday.  Approximately 35 bands selected for semifinals will perform beginning Saturday morning.  The top 12 or so bands selected for finals will perform Saturday evening.

    At competitions, each band is given a certain time block for warm ups and preparation for their show; then a 15 minute performance time slot, which is for the band to set up, perform, and exit the field. 


    Link to MBSA adjudication (link).

    Link to BOA adjudication (link).