•  Prop Sales

    The Bellbrook Music Boosters regularly have excess props and equipment to sell from the seasonal shows.  For questions on the lisings below as well as any other inquiries with respect to Marching Band, Guard or Indoor Percussion Ensemble props please contact Mr. John Withrow, at withjon@aol.com .  Due to the size and bulkiness of most props, delivery is not available; please make arrangements with Mr. Withrow to pick up at Bellbrook HS, 3737 Upper Bellbrook Road, Bellbrook, Ohio 45305.  
  •  Bellbrook Open Guard Tarp

    2013 "Mother of Mine"
    60' x 80' Tarp
    12oz vinyl
    Digitally Printed 
    $2000.00 (for pick up only)

    Mother of Mine 1


    Mother of Mine 2


  •  Bellbrook Open Guard Tarp

    2014 "Harlequin"
    60' x 90' Tarp
    12oz vinyl
    Digitally Printed 
    $2500.00 (for pick up only)

    Harlequin 1



    Harlequin 2



  •  Bellbrook Open Guard Props

    2014 "Harlequin"
    1 - Wooden storage cabinet on wheels
         (used to store and transport 11 19" tall x 12" diameter stools, stools not included)
         36.5 x 25 x 54
         3/4" plywood
         Hinged door
         Wheels spaced 18"
    $150.00 (for pick up only)

    Cabinet 2



    Cabinet 3


    Cabinet 5