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    We, the Board of Education, are proud of Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools. Students, parents, teachers, support staff, administration, and the board work together to provide this exemplary system. We have maintained our Excellent state rating for over 10 years. We live our mission to empower our learning community to ensure bold, diverse and innovative educational opportunities that maximize student growth, inspire learning and develop productive citizens.

    We have been consistently rated as one of the best schools in the area, the state and nationally. We provide opportunities for our students to excel in all areas: academics excellence, competitive sports programs, diverse arts programs as well as leadership and volunteer opportunities through our many school clubs.

    As a school board, recognize the efforts and teamwork needed to provide this high quality education. We are committed to continue these dynamic educational opportunities for the students of Bellbrook-Sugarcreek while meeting the financial responsibilities to the community.


    Mrs. Mary Frantz, President

    Term Expiration: 2017



    Mrs. Elizabeth Betz, Vice President

    Term Expiration: 2019



    Mrs. Kathy Kingston, Member

    Term Expiration: 2017



    Mr. David Carpenter, Member

    Term Expiration: 2019



    Mrs. Virginia Slouffman

    Term Expiration: 2019





    Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Board of Education
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