Color Guards

2015 Scholastic Open WG Show~~"Harlequin"
2nd Place Finalist in Scholastic Open 2015 WGI Championships 
1st Place 2015 MEPA Championships
                                  Guard Finalist Banner 2015                 
Director - Sheldon Apo
Show Design: Byron Valentine and Michael Gaines
Soundtrack Production: Tommy Allen
Music by: Scott Joplin, Marvin Hamlisch and Emeli Sande
Additional Design and Technical Staff:  Kelly Young, Robin Wells, Lyndsey McCurdy, Greyson Flores, Alex Waite, Matt Miller, Carolyn Drislane, and Bart Woodley
2015 Middle School WG Show~~"Easely Done"
Director - Sheldon Apo with Alex Waite, Lauren Shafer, Greyson Flores, and Emma Hoffbauer
2015 Elementary Little Belles Show~~"Play Ball"
CONGRATULATIONS!  1st Place 2015 MEPA Championships
Director - Sheldon Apo and Cheryl Reynolds with Emma Bengson and Taylor Williams
Little Belles Guard
CONGRATULATIONS Little Belles Guard!
3rd Place 2014 MEPA Championships
The Little Belles Winter Guard~~elementary 3rd-5th grades
Director: Sheldon Apo
Staff and Honors: Sheldon Apo, Taylor Williams, and Emma Bengson
BMS Guard 2014
CONGRATULATIONS Middle School Junior Guard!
4th Place 2014 MEPA Championships
Middle School Junior Winter Guard~~6th-8th grades
 “Simply Spherical”
Directors: Alexi Wilson and Sheldon Apo
Staff and Honors: Sheldon Apo, Kayla Reigelsperger, Emma Hoffbauer, Alexi Wilson, and Sean Hahn

Scholastic Regional A Guard 2014
CONGRATULATIONS Scholastic Regional A Guard!
5th Place 2014 MEPA Championships
Scholastic Regional A Winter Guard~~high school
“Broken Vow”
Director Name:  Sheldon Apo and Lauren Shafer
Staff:  Sheldon Apo, Lauren Shafer, Greyson Flores, Heather Hess and Emma Bengson
Costume Designer:  Byron Valentine
Set Design:  Greyson Flores

Open Guard 2014
8th Place Finalists in Open Class
2014 WGI World Championships
 “by Stephen King”
Director:  Sheldon Apo 
Assistant Director:  Kelly Young 
Show Design, Set Design and Costuming: Byron Valentine 
Staging Design: Michael Gaines 
Soundtrack Production: Keith Potter
Graphic work: Cheryl Reynolds and Scott Winters
Additional Design and Technical Staff:  Robin Wells, Lyndsey McCurdy, Greyson Flores, Matt Miller, Lauren Drislane, and Bart Woodley
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