Food Services

Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools is proud to partner with Sodexo Food Services to meet the nutritional needs of our students. Check out our new SoHappy app to keep up with our school meal information, including nutrition facts and allergens.

For the most common foodservice issues, please check out our Quick Facts.
Jennifer Hoehn - Food Service General Manager
3757 Upper Bellbrook Road
Bellbrook, Ohio 45305
[email protected]
Office Number: 937-848-5001 ext. 6105

Marcia Coons: Assistant to General Manager/Applications Approvals
[email protected]
Office Number: 937-848-2141 ext. 3112

High School Kitchen: 937-848-3737 ext. 2234
Middle School Kitchen: 937-848-2141 ext. 3112
Bell Creek Intermediate Kitchen: 937-848-3757 ext. 8917
Stephen Bell Kitchen: 937-848-7831 ext. 5505
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