Financial Info

Treasurer's Office Staff

937-848-5001 (Phone)
937-848-5018 (Fax)
Treasurer/CFO - Kevin L. Liming
Assistant to the Treasurer - Angi McAlister
Assistant to the Treasurer - Stephanie Eben
Accounts Payable Clerk - Jessica Cain

District Finance Documentation

Need a little help understanding some of the line items in the five-year forecast? We know it can be a little complicated, so here are some definitions for some of the most commonly asked "What's that mean?" questions.

District Performance Audit

Keith Faber, the Ohio Auditor of State, just released a Performance Audit comparing district finances to districts across the state. The full text of the audit can be found here and the results are also posted in a more interactive format on the Ohio Auditor's website. For a quicker read on the impact of the audit's recommendations, please review Dr. Cozad's summary letter (also included at the end of the full audit).
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