Bell Creek Guidance Department

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What does a school counselor DO?

I work alongside teachers and parents to help students develop socially and emotionally, and to help remove any barriers they have to learning!

I provide:

  • Small group counseling (6-8 weeks in length)

  • Short-term individual counseling

  • Consultation with parents and teachers

  • Community resource referrals (including longer term therapy services)

  • Monthly classroom guidance lessons

How can I support parents?

  • Helping to handle social or emotional concerns you have about your child.

  • Improving parent-child communication.

  • Family difficulties or concerns that affect your child at school

  • Referrals for community resources.

  • Understanding the developmental changes of childhood.

  • Helping your child to be on time to school every day.

  • Discussing concerns about your child’s academic achievement.

What types of things do I talk about with students as a School Counselor?

  • Friendship (Making and keeping friends)

  • Setting goals 

  • Teamwork

  • Self Esteem 

  • Self Regulation

  • Responsibility

  • Emotional Regulation (Managing strong feelings)

  • Conflict resolution

How does a student see a school counselor?

  • Self-referral

  • Parent referral

  • Administrative, teacher, or other staff referral

  • Referral by friend(s)

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