Bellbrook Boy's Soccer History

Year  Record SWBL Second Round District Regional 
 19823-12-1 n/a    
 19833-10-2 n/a    
 19843-12-2 n/a    
 19853-14-2 n/a   
 19868-10-0 3rd    
 198716-3-21st Winner   
 198812-4-4 1st    
 19899-8-2 2nd    
 199010-8-3 1st Winner  
 19918-6-4 3rd    
 199215-2-11st Winner   
 199319-1-2 1st Winner Champions Champions 
 199416-2-2 1st Winner Champions  
 199516-3-0 1st Winner Runner-up  
 199612-2-3 1st    
 199713-4-3 1st Winner Runner-up  
 199818-2-0 1st Winner Runner-up  
 199916-2-3 1st Winner Champions  
 200015-3-1 1st Winner Runner-up  
 200112-2-4 1st Winner   
 200212-4-2 1st Winner   
 200318-1-0 1st Winner Runner-up  
 20048-5-4 1st    
 200513-2-3 1st Winner   
 200614-2-1 1st Winner   
 200715-3-0 1st    
 200814-3-1 1st Winner   
 200914-2-2 1st Winner   
 201015-2-1 1st Winner   
 201113-3-1 1st    
 201219-1-01st Winner Champions 
 201316-2-3 1stWinner Champions  
 201416-3-21st WinnerChampions Runner-Up
 2015  15-4-01stWinner  
All- American HonorsEric Lynch (2011, 2012) All- Region HonorsEric Lynch (2010,2011,2012) Shane Niemeier (2015, 2016) Division II State Player of the YearEric Lynch (2012)  All-State Honors First Team:Nate King (1995)Eric Lynch (2010, 2011,2012)Shane Niemeier (2015-2016) Second Team:Nate King (1994)Brent Neidenthal (1993)Aaron Lecklider (1999)Jared McCune (2000)Chris Allen (2001)Adam Lark (2002)Brian Bolibrzuch (2003, 2005)Matt Bly (2007)Chris Lynch (2009)Jacob Niemeier (2013) Peter Cinibulk (2014)  Third Team:Justin Ford (1997)Aaron Lecklider (1998)Chris Shaw (2004) Team Records For Single Season
 Goals Scored1998 106 
 Goals Per Game Average1998 5.30 
 SWBL Goals Scored2007 74 
 SWBL Goals Per Game20007.75 
 Goals Allowed20136
 Goals Per Game Average Allowed20130.29
 SWBL Goals Allowed1994 
 SWBL Goals Per Game Allowed1994 
 SWBL Shutouts201310
 Team Wins1993, 201219 
 Undefeated Regular Season1993/2003/2012  
 Unbeaten Untied Regular Season
2003, 2012
  Individual Records 
 Career  Single Season   
 Total Points  Total Points   
 2012Eric Lynch276(110g/56a) 2012Eric Lynch91 (35g/21a)
 1999Aaron Lecklider 177 (73g/31a) 1999Aaron Lecklider80 (35g/10a) 
 2005Brian Bolibrzuch157 (59g/39a) 2003Brian Bolibrzuch 67(25g/17a) 
Goals  Goals   
2012Eric Lynch 110 2012Eric Lynch35 
2008Matt Bly 74 1999Aaron Lecklider35 
1999Aaron Lecklider 73 1995Jason Bede 31 
 Assist  Assists   
 2012Eric Lynch56 2012Eric Lynch 21
 2012Colton Philips402005 Brian Bolibrzuch18
 2005Brian Bolibrzuch 39 1998Craig Swaisgood15 
   2002Matt Delong 15 
 2013Jacob Niemeier 242013 Jacob Niemeier15
 Freshman Goals     
 2009Eric Lynch 18    
  JV A Records 
 Goals Scored200878 
 Goals Per Game Scored2008 4.87 
 Goals Allowed2012
 Goals Per Game Allowed2012 0.06
 SWBL Goals Scored2007 54 
 SWBL Goals Scored Per Game Average1992 5.7 
 SWBL Goals Allowed1992,2008,2009
 SWBL Goals Allowed Per Game Average92,08,09 
 SWBL Wins2006,2007 11 
 SWBL Shutouts2012 15
 Wins2008 14 
 Shutouts2008,2010 14 
 Fewest Losses1987,1988,2012 
 Fewest SWBL Losses 87,88,92,93,96-02,04-06,08-10,12
 Undefeated Seasons1992,2008,2012  
  JV B Records
 Goals Scored2007 19 
 Goals Per Game Average2011 
 Goals Allowed2009 
 Goals Allowed Per Game Average2009 0.77 
 Fewest Losses2007,2009 
 Undefeated Season
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