High School Art

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Art 1
This course is recommended for students who want to take other courses in the Art Department. Emphasis will be on acquiring knowledge of design and applying it to the major project areas of drawing, painting, sculpture and graphics. A general knowledge of art history will also be obtained along with art appreciation related to project work.

Art 2,3,4
This course is designed for students who wish to continue with the art program. Art 2 students will explore a more “in-depth” study of the major art areas with emphasis on careers in art. Art 3 students will be involved with advanced project work in specialized art areas. Art 4 students will use the course for portfolio development. Art history and appreciation will be a part of each level within the course.

History of Western Art
This course is designed for students who wish to learn about the great artists from the past and present. Art and artists from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern periods will be explored through slides, PowerPoint, and print with minor related art activities included. This course is for juniors and seniors.

Arts & Crafts
This course is designed for students who like to work with crafts. Basic projects with paper, fabric, wood, clay, and other materials will be explored. A history of arts and crafts within different world cultures will be a focus in this course.

Ceramics and Sculpture
This course builds on the prior experience and knowledge of the student in the areas of clay, wood, paper Mache, plaster and other mediums. Projects will consist of coil, slab, and pottery thrown on the wheel, as well as sculpture in relief and in the round. Emphasis will be placed on the historical aspects of both ceramics and sculpture as basis for design and appreciation.

Commercial Art
This course is recommended for any student who has an interest in a career as a commercial artist. Students will learn about this important part of the art world and explore the different areas (advertising, fashion design, interior design, package design, industrial design, and cartooning). Basic commercial design techniques will be taught.

Drawing & Painting
This course offers a wide variety of experiences. Students will work with all types of drawing and painting mediums including pencil, charcoal, pastel, tempura, watercolor, and oil paints. Subjects include the human figure, portraits, animals, and still life with application of conceptual color usage.

Digital Imaging
Digital Imaging will focus on digital media with an emphasis on photography. This introductory course will lead you to an understanding of the basics of using digital photographs and other digital media. Students must possess or have access to a digital camera. 
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