In Ohio, parents/guardians who are interested in educating their students at home may do so by meeting the requirements of Ohio Law to Homeschool. Notification that the student is being home schooled is required each year. This notification should be sent to the Greene County Education Service Center Home Education contact. Please do not send packets of information to our Central Office. They will be routed to the Greene County ESC via interoffice mail which only runs once per week, resulting in a delay of your approval. 

If you plan to homeschool your child, please send the Home Education Notification Form for the new school year to the Greene County Educational Service Center (GCESC). 

The GCESC reviews the submitted paperwork and notifies the parents and the student's school district of residence within 14 days of receipt of notification of homeschooling. If requirements are met, The Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools Superintendent, Dr. Cozad, will release the student from required school attendance. 

Requirements to homeschool:
Parent/Guardian agrees to:
1. Provide 900 hours of instruction per year; 
2. Notify Dr. Cozad via the ESC annually; 
3. Provide an assessment of the student's work (ORC 3301-34-04)

Please send the notification form to the GCESC for processing at least two weeks prior to the start of school. The GCESC works closely with the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools attendance officers to coordinate information when students are not in attendance and parents/guardians have not submitted the required notification. Such attendance must begin within the first week of school or within one week of the date on which the student begins to reside in the district.

Greene County Educational Service Center
Attn: Superintendent Home Education Barb McDermott
360 E. Enon Road
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
937-767-1303 extension 1116 (phone)
937-767-1025 (fax)

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