Service and Leadership Suggestions

any time you give your time to a
non-profit organization without compensation
Volunteer in the office or classroom regularly
Volunteer to help a teacher or coach
Friendship club
Caring Place in Xenia
a homeless shelter or soup kitchen
Walk-a-thons, road races,  or any event that raises money for charity
Local Library
PTO baby sitter, Market Day, Papa Johns Work Crew
Volunteer trash pick up day with the county sanitation department
Lions Club
Sugar Maple Festival
United Way
Nursing homes or hospitals
Parks Service
Pride Club
Scouts or church work projects
Peer Tutoring
ETC. . . .
you are in a position to give guidance to others or 
leading others to get a project done   . . .
Student Council officer, Rep, or alternate
Student Council eagle period competition “leader”
Officer in NJHS or other school club
Scouts and  Youth groups committee leader
Kids ‘N Science
Big Brother/Big Sister
Summer Camps, VBS, Camp Kern, Sports Camps as a counselor, assistant counselor, or counselor in training
Teacher or assistant teacher at Sunday School or religious ed classes
Fire Cadet at fire department-
Coordinator for a charity event
Volunteer to as a coach or assistant coach
Etc. . . .

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