Article: Bell Creek Intermediate Sensory Room Gets Important Facelift

Bell Creek Intermediate Sensory Room Gets Important Facelift

Posted Tuesday, February 6, 2024

In the vibrant setting of Bell Creek Intermediate, the commitment to nurturing every student's unique needs is exemplified through the integration of a recently repurposed and re-created sensory, calming room.

These specialized spaces have become a vital component of the school's approach to education, providing a sanctuary for students to: support diverse learning styles, manage sensory overload, reduce stress, enhance their overall well-being, and embrace inclusivity.

At Bell Creek Intermediate, the essence of supporting diverse learning styles is encapsulated in the school's dedicated sensory calming room. Understanding that each student has a unique approach to learning, the room offers an adaptive environment where students can regulate their sensory experiences, ensuring a more equitable and personalized educational journey.

For some students, the demands of academic and social interactions can be particularly challenging, and BCI recognizes this as a reality. The school's commitment to stress reduction is manifested through its sensory calming space, providing a haven where children who need to regroup or refocus can escape external stimuli, foster emotional well-being, and create a conducive atmosphere for themselves upon returning to the learning environment.

The room provides a safe space where students can begin to process their thoughts and emotions on their way to self-regulation. The space serves to benefit students with numerous sensory obstacles, not to mention students succeeding with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and other differently abled needs. The sensory room comes equipped with suspended swings for vestibular input, exercise balls for bouncing, tactile stimulation, calming bubble tubes, stress balls, wall art in soothing colors, bean bags, floor cushions, rocking chairs, cozy weighted blankets, textured mats, two interactive sensory boards, interactive sensory lights and table, tactile or pressure sensitive mats, soft muted paint on the walls, tangle toys, fidget spinners, and squeeze toys and a host of other sensory tools. Bell Creek's adoption of sensory space aligns seamlessly with its commitment to inclusive education.

BCI stands as a beacon of progressive education by committing to providing a holistic education and fostering a positive and nurturing learning environment for every child in its building community.

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