Article: English/Language Arts Text Books Up for Public Review

English/Language Arts Text Books Up for Public Review

Posted Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Come and ask questions and see what students will be learning in the field of English/Language Arts across the district, grades K-12, during a Textbook Adoption Public Review.

A Science of Reading instructional model has been adopted by the state of Ohio, thus, curriculum adoption in alignment with this evidence-based research as well as the resulting classroom instructional methods is now law. This legislation resulted in the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce list of "approved ELA curriculum," which requires timelines for full implementation, and required professional development for one-hundred percent of teachers and administrators.

The public review will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 20 and 24 in the Central Office, or by appointment by calling Betsy Gann, Director of Curriculum and Gifted Services at 937-848-5001 extension 6115.


It is the legal responsibility of the Board of Education to approve all textbooks used as part of the educational program of this District. No such textbook will be approved which is not on a list duly filed in the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
The Board shall, at a regular meeting, select the textbooks to be used in the schools of this District.

Furthermore, it is the legal responsibility of the Board to provide the duly adopted, required textbooks to students who are enrolled in the District free of charge. Textbooks may be in a printed and bound or electronic format. An "electronic textbook" is defined as computer software, interactive videodisc, magnetic media, CD-ROM, computer courseware, online service, electronic medium, or other means of conveying information to the student or otherwise contributing to the learning process through electronic means.

A student or his/her parent(s) may purchase a copy of the duly-adopted textbook, regardless of format, for the District’s purchase price, including shipping and handling.

The Superintendent shall develop a plan for the review and recommendation of textbooks to ensure staff participation and that parents and members of the community are consulted, where appropriate, in the selection process.

In considering the approval of any proposed textbook, the Board recommends that the following factors be considered as part of any review process:

A. relationship to the course of study 
B. extent to which the content will make it possible for the student to achieve the learning objectives of the course of study and the educational outcomes of the District.

A list of all approved textbooks shall be maintained by the Superintendent and made available for the use of the professional staff.

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