Article: A trusted formula, but not a math problem

A trusted formula, but not a math problem

Posted Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A trusted formula, but not a math problem

By: Douglas A. Cozad, Superintendent

This article was originally printed in the Dayton Daily News on 12/3/20

It’s no secret that our country (and the entire world) has faced historic challenges this year with opening and operating schools. At Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools, we are embracing the challenge and are facing this challenge like we have faced our many other challenges-with the Focus 3 formula of E+R=O. The beauty of this formula is that it can be used with a monumental problem such as opening or operating schools during a pandemic or a smaller more routine problem within the classroom or even at home with our own family. Each one of us can use the same formula to attack any problem. So what exactly is this formula?

As a part of the district’s strategic plan, we are at the very beginning stages of implementing the principles of the equation E+R=O. Don’t worry, this isn’t a math problem. The E stands for Event, the R stands for Respond, and the O stands for Outcome. As we go about our day at school, each one of us, students and staff, are responsible for and impact our culture (positively or negatively). One does not usually have a lot of control or total control over the E or Events that happen to us. That’s why before we respond to a situation we need to begin with the end in mind. What O or Outcome do we want of any situation that we encounter?  For example, we can’t control how others behave but we can control how we respond to them which leads us to the R, the response. If we are intentional, purposeful, and skillful about our response then the O, or outcome will more than likely be a positive one. If our response is impulsive, resistant, or on auto-pilot then the O or outcome will more than likely not be very positive. We determine, through our own actions, how we respond to any situation. We stress that each of us are in control of our own 20 sq. ft, that is the area directly around us. The way we respond to the situation or to others will have a large impact on the O or Outcome. Ultimately, the R is each and every one of our responsibilities.

We are using E+R=O to help navigate our way through these uncertain and challenging times. We can’t control that we have the winner of the holiday at home contest is bellbrook online academy a worldwide pandemic. We can’t control how others’ behaviors impact our positive cases of COVID-19 and that in turn could determine whether the learning modality of a school is 100% remote, 100% in person, or a 50% hybrid model. Yet, we make decisions with the end in mind, the O or outcome, and provide the best educational experience and positive learning culture that we can, regardless of the learning mode.

We know that not everyone will agree with every one of our decisions but we try our best to make them using the principles of E+R+O. This is not easy nor are we perfect in  

every decision that we make. In the end though, we want a school culture that is engaging, fun, worthwhile, academically-minded, and safe..essentially a place where we want to come every day and learn..a positive place!

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