All-American Awards

A detailed overview of the All-American program can be found here: https://niscaonline.org/index.php/award-programs. Bellbrook began participating in this program during the 2013-14 school year.
Athletic All-Americans
 Name Event Time Year
 Cody Bybee  100 Freestyle 43.75 2017-18
 Cody Bybee  200 Freestyle 1:34.02 2017-18
 Cody Bybee  100 Butterfly 47.36 2017-18
 John Sampson  100 Backstroke 49.34 2017-18
 John Sampson  100 Backstroke 49.93 2016-17
 Cody Bybee  200 Freestyle 1:34.55 2016-17
 Cody Bybee  100 Butterfly 46.97 2016-17
 Cody Bybee  200 Freestyle 1:36.75 2015-16
 Cody Bybee  100 Butterfly 48.79 2015-16
 Cody Bybee  200 Freestyle 1:39.52 2014-15
Individual Academic All-Americans-Seniors with a 3.75 or better cumulative GPA
Rylan Carper2023-24
Drew Cozad2023-24
Mikuya Ford2023-24
Peter Guthrie2023-24
Ella Howard2023-24
Wesley Peters2023-24
Zander Pittman2023-24
Zach Shore2023-24
Lorelai Wolverton2023-24
Isaac Kwast2022-23
Eliana Bozzuto2022-23
Acey Faulkner2022-23
Grace Krane2022-23
McKenn Melton2022-23
Teagan Melton2022-23
Sam Gray2021-22
Nitika Arora2021-22
Cambree Bernkopf2021-22
Bella Howell2021-22
Takumi Ford2020-21
Avarie Faulkner2020-21
Kelly McNamara2020-21
Riley Reynolds2020-21
Morgan Sharbaugh2020-21
Jorin Hanson2019-20
Anika Arora2019-20
Carter Caldwell 2018-19
Keenan McCormick  2018-19
Drew Ward  2018-19
Jade Edwards  2018-19
Amira Faulkner  2018-19
Emily McNamara    2018-19
Cole Huggard2017-18
Scott Jackson2017-18
Nathaniel Delong2016-17
Emi Ford  2016-17
Anna Robertson2016-17
Kasen Stephensen2016-17
Henry Wong 2016-17
Abby Depp2015-16
Anna Hesseman2015-16
Andrew Horner2015-16
Nick Martin2015-16
Kevin Conley2013-14
Adam Rettig2013-14
 Team Academic All-American Awards
* no award due to insufficient team size
 Year Boys Level Boys GPA Girls Level Girls GPA
2023-24Silver3.720 Silver3.597
2022-23Silver3.668 Silver3.658
2021-22Silver3.526 Silver3.683
2020-21Silver3.550 Silver3.580
2019-20Bronze3.447 Silver 
2018-19Bronze3.433  Silver3.571 
2017-18Silver3.544 Silver3.526
2016-17Silver3.512 Bronze3.407
2015-16Silver3.518 Bronze3.436
2014-15*3.415   Bronze3.376
2013-14Bronze3.447 Bronze3.291
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