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Bellbrook High School Swimming and Diving Records

Girls   50 Free

Melton, McKenna

2023 Girls Sectionals
Girls   100 Free51.97 Bobick, Meghan
2/19/20162016 Girls Districts
Girls   200 Free1:53.18 Bobick, Meghan
2/19/20162016 Girls Districts
Girls   500 Free5:11.14 Ahern, Maureen2/21/19931993 Girls Districts
Girls   1000 Free12:04.89 Hulett, Holly
1/20/20132013 Southwest Classic
Girls   1650 Free20:02.57 Hulett, Holly1/20/20132013 Southwest Classic
Girls   50 Backstroke27.31LHulett, Holly
2/19/20162016 Girls Districts
Girls   100 Backstroke56.91 Hulett, Holly2/19/2016  2016 Girls Districts
Girls   200 Backstroke2:04.59 Hulett, Holly
1/17/20162016 Southwest Classic
Girls   50 Breaststroke32.36 Melton, McKenna
12/11/2021Trotwood-Greenon Fall Invitational
Girls   100 Breaststroke1:09.12 Melton, McKenna2/8/20202020 Girls Sectionals
Girls   200 Breaststroke2:36.40 Melton, McKenna
1/18/20202020 Southwest Classic
Girls   50 Butterfly26.91 Hulett, Holly
2/22/20152015 Girls Districts
Girls   100 Butterfly
57.79 Hulett, Holly
2/22/20152015 Girls Districts
Girls   200 Butterfly
2:18.14 Hulett, Holly1/19/20142014 Southwest Classic
Girls   100 IM1:04.04 Melton, Teagan 12/13/2019Oakwood Sprint Meet
Girls   200 IM2:08.87 Melton, Teagan2/19/20212021 Girls Districts 
Girls   400 IM  5:01.15      Drake, Anna1/14/20122012 Southwest Classic
Girls   1 Meter 6 Dives280.70      
 Collins, Hannah12/20/2013Talawanda Oxford Wilmington tri-meet
Girls   1 Meter 11 Dives457.15  Collins, Hannah 2/6/20142014 Girls Sectionals
Girls  200 Free Relay1:41.24 
Teagan Melton
Acey Faulkner
Avarie Faulkner
McKenna Melton

2021 Girls Districts
Girls  400 Free Relay
McKenna Melton
Nitika Arora
Avarie Faulkner
Teagan Melton
2/19/20212021 Girls Districts
Girls  200 Medley Relay1:51.79 
Holly Hulett
Christine Delong
Anna Drake
Meghan Bobick
2/16/20132013 Girls Districts
Girls  400 Medley Relay4:25.09 
Teagan Melton
McKenna Melton
Lauren Kinzeler
Avarie Faulkner 
1/18/20202020 Southwest Classic

Boys   50 Free20.89 LBybee, Cody
2/26/20162016 State Meet
Boys   100 Free43.75 LBybee, Cody2/23/20182018 State meet- State record
Boys   200 Free1:34.02 Bybee, Cody
2/23/20182018 State Meet- State & pool record
Boys   500 Free4:45.90 Bybee, Cody12/20/2017Miamisburg
Boys   1000 Free10:25.30 Dingledine, Erik1/16/20002000 Southwest Classic
Boys   1650 Free17:12.81 Dingledine, Erik1/16/20002000 Southwest Classic
Boys   50 Backstroke23.25 LSampson, John2/16/20182018 District Meet
Boys   100 Backstroke49.34 Sampson, John2/23/20182018 State Meet
Boys   200 Backstroke1:48.06 Sampson, John
1/14/20172017 Southwest Classic
Boys   50 Breaststroke26.20 Guthrie, Peter2/22/20242024 State Meet
Boys   100 Breaststroke57.25 Guthrie, Peter2/16/20242024 District Meet
Boys   200 Breaststroke2:16.70 Guthrie, Peter1/13/20142024 Southwest Classic
Boys   50 Butterfly21.99 Bybee, Cody2/24/20172017 State Meet
Boys   100 Butterfly      46.97 Bybee, Cody2/24/20172017 State Meet- State & pool record
Boys   200 Butterfly1:48.78 Bybee, Cody1/14/20182018 Southwest Classic
Boys   100 IM56.18  

Bybee, Cameron12/19/2020Bellbrook instead of Oakwood Meet
Boys   200 IM1:53.64 Huggard, Cole2/23/20182018 State Meet
Boys   400 IM4:14.06 Huggard, Cole
1/14/20172017 Southwest Classic
Boys   1 Meter 6 Dives274.75 Oswalt, Kevin2/4/20062006 Southwest Buckeye League
Boys   1 Meter 11 Dives379.80 Oswalt, Andrew2/7/20112011 Boys Sectionals
Boys  200 Free Relay 1:28.45 Jeremy Jenkins
Paul Bizzaro
Marc Smith
Matthew Smith
2/27/19981998 State Meet
Boys  400 Free Relay 3:09.66 
Cody Bybee
Henry Wong
Cole Huggard
John Sampson
2/24/20172017 State Meet
Boys  200 Medley Relay 1:34.75 
John Sampson
Cole Huggard
Cody Bybee
Carter Caldwell
2/23/20182018 State Meet
Boys  400 Medley Relay 3:35.35 
John Sampson
Cole Huggard
Cody Bybee 
Henry Wong
1/14/20172017 Southwest Classic
Records dated from 12/2004 on are from complete seasons. Records with earlier dates were compiled from the archives of
swimmeet.com, which is limited to the Southwest Classic, SWBL League, Sectional, District and State meets.
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