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Bellbrook High School Swimming and Diving Records

Girls   50 Free
Bobick, Meghan
Kemper, Janet
2016 Southwest Buckeye League
1981 State Meet
Girls   100 Free51.97 Bobick, Meghan
2/19/20162016 Girls Districts
Girls   200 Free1:53.18 Bobick, Meghan
2/19/20162016 Girls Districts
Girls   500 Free5:11.14 Ahern, Maureen2/21/19931993 Girls Districts
Girls   1000 Free12:04.89 Hulett, Holly
1/20/20132013 Southwest Classic
Girls   1650 Free20:02.57 Hulett, Holly1/20/20132013 Southwest Classic
Girls   50 Backstroke27.31LHulett, Holly
2/19/20162016 Girls Districts
Girls   100 Backstroke56.91 Hulett, Holly2/19/2016  2016 Girls Districts
Girls   200 Backstroke2:04.59 Hulett, Holly
1/17/20162016 Southwest Classic
Girls   50 Breaststroke32.76 Melton, McKenna
Girls   100 Breaststroke1:09.12 Melton, McKenna2/8/20202020 Girls Sectionals
Girls   200 Breaststroke2:36.40 Melton, McKenna
1/18/20202020 Southwest Classic
Girls   50 Butterfly26.91 Hulett, Holly
2/22/20152015 Girls Districts
Girls   100 Butterfly
57.79 Hulett, Holly
2/22/20152015 Girls Districts
Girls   200 Butterfly
2:18.14 Hulett, Holly1/19/20142014 Southwest Classic
Girls   100 IM1:04.04 Melton, Teagan 12/13/2019Oakwood Sprint Me
Girls   200 IM2:08.87 Melton, Teagan2/19/20212021 Girls Districts 
Girls   400 IM  5:01.15      Drake, Anna1/14/20122012 Southwest Classic
Girls   1 Meter 6 Dives280.70      
 Collins, Hannah12/20/2013Talawanda Oxford Wilmington tri-meet
Girls   1 Meter 11 Dives457.15  Collins, Hannah 2/6/20142014 Girls Sectionals
Girls  200 Free Relay1:41.24 
Teagan Melton
Acey Faulkner
Avarie Faulkner
McKenna Melton

2021 Girls Districts
Girls  400 Free Relay
McKenna Melton
Nitika Arora
Avarie Faulkner
Teagan Melton
2/19/20212021 Girls Districts
Girls  200 Medley Relay1:51.79 
Holly Hulett
Christine Delong
Anna Drake
Meghan Bobick
2/16/20132013 Girls Districts
Girls  400 Medley Relay4:25.09 
Teagan Melton
McKenna Melton
Lauren Kinzeler
Avarie Faulkner 
1/18/20202020 Southwest Classic

Boys   50 Free20.89 LBybee, Cody
2/26/20162016 State Meet
Boys   100 Free43.75 LBybee, Cody2/23/20182018 State meet- State record
Boys   200 Free1:34.02 Bybee, Cody
2/23/20182018 State Meet- State & pool record
Boys   500 Free4:45.90 Bybee, Cody12/20/2017Miamisburg
Boys   1000 Free10:25.30 Dingledine, Erik1/16/20002000 Southwest Classic
Boys   1650 Free17:12.81 Dingledine, Erik1/16/20002000 Southwest Classic
Boys   50 Backstroke23.25 LSampson, John2/16/20182018 District Meet
Boys   100 Backstroke49.34 Sampson, John2/23/20182018 State Meet
Boys   200 Backstroke1:48.06 Sampson, John
1/14/20172017 Southwest Classic
Boys   50 Breaststroke28.06 Huggard, Cole2/16/20182018 District Meet
Boys   100 Breaststroke59.01 Huggard, Cole2/16/20182018 District Meet
Boys   200 Breaststroke2:23.79 Luthman, Jason1/16/20112011 Southwest Classic
Boys   50 Butterfly21.99 Bybee, Cody2/24/20172017 State Meet
Boys   100 Butterfly      46.97 Bybee, Cody2/24/20172017 State Meet- State & pool record
Boys   200 Butterfly1:48.78 Bybee, Cody1/14/20182018 Southwest Classic
Boys   100 IM56.18  

Bybee, Cameron12/19/2020Bellbrook instead of Oakwood Meet
Boys   200 IM1:53.64 Huggard, Cole2/23/20182018 State Meet
Boys   400 IM4:14.06 Huggard, Cole
1/14/20172017 Southwest Classic
Boys   1 Meter 6 Dives274.75 Oswalt, Kevin2/4/20062006 Southwest Buckeye League
Boys   1 Meter 11 Dives379.80 Oswalt, Andrew2/7/20112011 Boys Sectionals
Boys  200 Free Relay 1:28.45 Jeremy Jenkins
Paul Bizzaro
Marc Smith
Matthew Smith
2/27/19981998 State Meet
Boys  400 Free Relay 3:09.66 
Cody Bybee
Henry Wong
Cole Huggard
John Sampson
2/24/20172017 State Meet
Boys  200 Medley Relay 1:34.75 
John Sampson
Cole Huggard
Cody Bybee
Carter Caldwell
2/23/20182018 State Meet
Boys  400 Medley Relay 3:35.35 
John Sampson
Cole Huggard
Cody Bybee 
Henry Wong
1/14/20172017 Southwest Classic
Records dated from 12/2004 on are from complete seasons. Records with earlier dates were compiled from the archives of, which is limited to the Southwest Classic, SWBL League, Sectional, District and State meets.
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